Arabian Rescue Mission KY
Making a Difference, Everyday!

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As many of you know, we had leased a farm in KY in 2012. It had 140 acres and 70 stalls. Someone down there told us we could not continue. 20 horses could have been homeless and well, honestly, I don't take threats easily. Luckily all were placed but now we are limited in the number of horses we can help; over 440 horses helped that year with two farms! 

Sadly we have outgrown our NJ facility and the need for help has not dwindled. So we ask you to please GIVE and help us continue helping them. We have purchased a farm! So please GIVE to our Farm Fund. However, the expenses of a monthly mortgage limits the numbers we can help. We have 5 years to come up with conventional financing and the more we have paid down, the less our payments will be, the more we can offer help to .

Our goal is $275,000 to pay off this farm over 5 years, which is turn-key and well suited to our needs. That is only 275 people donating $1000 each, 2750 giving $100 each, 5500 giving $50 or 11000 giving just $25.00!


We ask that you give to this project through our Donation page (Paypal) so that the thermometer will register your gift quickly or via Intuit (cc or checking account) HERE. Just click the option you want to use to securely donate online. Checks can still be mailed to ARM at 42 Glen Road, Colesville, NJ 07461! (be sure to note KY Farm in the memo line)

Questions?  Please contact ARM at: