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Making a Difference, Everyday!

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ARM-KY Farm project

Thank you for helping us build a better future, from the 2000+ horses already helped between 2003-2019, and those we can help in the future, THANK YOU!

Making a Difference, Everyday!

Hay & Barn Project
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Goal: $24000.00 | Raised: $2160.00 Started: June 1, 2019
Ends: October 31, 2019
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Because of the bizarre weather these past few years, we are finding it harder each year to obtain hay at the end of winter, beginning of spring.

In our world, hay is vital to the health and well being of the horses we have rescued from precarious situations over the years. Some are rehabilitated and waiting for their new, forever homes; others are now safe and living out their years in our sanctuary program. Regardless of their potential future, it is vital we keep them well fed, healthy and happy while they are with us. 

Arabian Rescue Mission is a 501(c)3 non-profit of 16 years, now based out of Kentucky. With over 40 horses in our care the expense of this mission is enormous and growing rapidly. A big portion of this expense is hay which is necessary to the nutritional needs of the horses we have promised a better life to.

We are looking to build a storage building to keep hay and equipment safe from inclement weather. This building will be constructed so we may stockpile enough hay to get us through the winter and lean months of early spring before first cutting comes around. We estimate the building cost to be in the neighborhood of $12,000 and hay purchase is estimated at $11,400 (32 rounds/60 squares per month for Nov-May). So our goal is to raise $24,000 by October of this year.

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  1. E. Holden - $500.00
  2. Bob Jensen - $300.00
  3. L. Booth - $250.00
  4. A. Roberts - $200.00